John Charles Allen ESQ | About

Serving the New Brunswick, New Jersey, community for nearly two decades, John Charles Allen Esq. provides counsel in complex matters involving employment, real estate law, tenant-landlord relations, and commercial law. He has expertise in contract review, negotiation, and drafting, and frequently assists in arbitrating disputes. In every case undertaken, Charles Allen Esq considers potential outcomes and and works strategically with clients to ensure a successful resolution.

In one case represented, Mr. Allen successfully defended a client against his former landlord, who was seeking $1,500 in back rent. The judge ruled in favor of the former tenant, who filed a counter suit to get back his security deposit. In awarding Mr. Allen’s client $1,5000 (twice the security deposit amount) the judge noted that the landlord had failed to follow the law, in not delivered a written notice explaining why he was keeping the deposit. An additional claim for $10,000 is still being pursued to collect back rent on an apartment that was rendered uninhabitable because of heating malfunctions and other issues.

An accomplished musician, John Charles Allen Esq. earned his Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Music Performance at Rutgers University. He subsequently completed a law degree at Seton Hall Law School, where he participated in the Moot Court and the Antitrust Law Society.


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